Thursday, 22nd February 2018
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

REACTION! objectives

The overall objectives of REACTION!:

Deliver evidence for the effective and safe use of Favipiravir for the treatment and prevention of Ebola virus disease in patients through a human Phase 2b trial with Ebola infected patients;

Deliver additional scientific data on the tolerance, optimal dose and administration timings of Favipiravir in non-human primates infected with EBV to optimize use of Favipiravir in the current and for further outbreaks;

To assure successful application of Favipiravir in a large group of Ebola patients directly after this project if the drug shows efficacy;

A platform of translational research on Ebola in West Africa, including European and African researchers and technicians from various fields (clinicians, virologists, methodologists, anthropologists), and anticipate future studies that will have to be done after our trial is finished;

Train and educate local aid professionals and the community to ensure social mobilization and community engagement.

Long-term objectives of REACTION!:

Treatment for Ebola infected patients infected through:
Evidence for the safe and efficient use of the readily available Favipiravir drug for patient with Ebola virus disease;
The optimized use of Favipiravir treatment.

Help to prevent further outbreaks in countries currently unaffected through:
Evidence for the ability of Favipiravir to effectively prevent Ebola virus disease infection.

Social mobilization and community engagement through identification of current socio-cultural and political-economic barriers.