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Organisational structure and decision making

A management structure has been set up that will create optimal conditions to conduct this project. Due to the complexity of the project, the main Project coordinator, Prof. Hervé Raoul PhD, from Inserm will be supported by a dedicated Project Support Office at Drug Discovery Factory (DDF)/Catalyze, the Netherlands. The Project Support Office is the central day-to-day (financial) management, consisting of Project Management and Financial Management. To keep the project coordination straightforward, the Scientific-, Financial- and Project-management is clustered into work package 6 ‘Management’.

The General Assembly

The general assembly is the highest decision making body in REACTION!. It is responsible for monitoring the progress of the work packages towards the overall project objectives on the basis of the agreed deliverables and associated milestones, within the budgetary limits. The general assembly ensures a correct implementation of the project in accordance with the EC Contract and the consortium agreement.
Composition: the general assembly consists of 2 representatives from each partner, including the project coordinator (Prof. Hervé Raoul PhD) who will act as the general assembly chair and the work group leaders.

Project Management

The main responsibilities of the management team are to ensure that the project objectives are realized on schedule and within the budgetary limits. Furthermore the management team ensures that the activities of all partners involved are in conformity with the EC contract and agreements. The management responsibilities include the activities allocated to work package 6.

Project support office

The project manager and project secretary support will be provided by Drug Discovery Factory (DDF)/Catalyze, the Netherlands. DDF has specific expertise in supporting translational projects bringing new treatments or diagnostics into the clinic and/or on market. DDF is specialized in project management and administration for EU-level R&D projects and has extensive experience in working with consortia consisting of academic/clinical groups, (spin-off) companies, and (large) industry partners.

The Workgroups

To keep the organisational structure at operational level appropriate to the objective of the project, the coordination of the individual work packages is clustered into 3 main workgroups: The (Pre-) Clinical Trial workgroup, the Data Translation Workgroup and The Dissemination Workgroup. The workgroups are responsible for an effective and efficient implementation of the work associated with the specific work packages within their workgroup.

External Independent Input

The Scientific Advisory Board, Safety Monitoring Board, Ethics Advisory Board and Community Advisory Board will ensure a high standard of research and progress of the project. Whenever appropriate, the project coordinator will consult the external independent advisory organs to make recommendations for the improvement of the performance within REACTION!.


REACTION!'s organisational structure


REACTION management structure