Wednesday, 13th December 2017
The Netherlands
United Kingdom

REACTION! project in the latest news

New articles have been uploaded to the website. We want to congratulate all the authors with their publications.

An Amendment request for extension of the REACTION! Project has been granted by the European Commission.

Today is the second day of the Consortium Meeting, held at INSERM's Laboaratoire Jean Mérieux in Lyon, France.

The Scientific & Ethical Advisory Board will join the discussion on the Project's progress. Furthermore Prof. dr. Raoul, WP leader of Work Package 5, will present the progress regarding Dissemination & Publications in scope of the REACTION! Project. Additionally the movie of the JIKI Clinical Trial premiered today. The movie will be available on this website soon .

On Wednesday 15-06-2016 the Consortium Meeting of REACTION! was held at INSERM's Laboaratoire Jean Mérieux in Lyon, France. The Consortium Meeting's objective is to discuss progress and future planned activities. Speakers of today are:

  • WP1: Prof. dr. Malvy
  • WP2: Prof. dr. le Marcis
  • WP3: Prof. dr. de Lamballerie
  • WP4: Dr. Graw, Dr. Madelain, Prof dr. Mentre
  • WP6: Mr. van Beelen

Find more information on the Consortium Meeting in attached Participant Information.

Prof. dr. Nguyen has transferred his work from the University of Amsterdam to the Graduate Institute in Geneva. With his reallocation the lead of the Work Package have been allocated to Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID).

Vice News reports on the situation of the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea. In the article Prof. dr. Le Marcis, who is working in Guinea in scope of the REACTION! project, isbeing quoted. Read the full article here: