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 REACTION! Publications

In scope of the REACTION! Project papers have been published by the scientists of the project.

Please find our papers below.

Download this file (Diallo Resurgence Ebola Nzerekore CID 2016.pdf)Resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea Linked to a Survivor[ ]Tim van Beelen304 kB2017-05-16 09:05
Download this file (Dose regimen of favipiravir for Ebola virus disease.pdf)Dose regimen of favipiravir for Ebola virus disease[ ]65 kB2015-04-07 08:45
Download this file (Favipiravir for children with Ebola.pdf)Favipiravir for children with Ebola[ ]469 kB2015-04-07 08:44
Download this file (JIKI_journal.pmed.1001967.PDF)Experimental Treatment with Favipiravir for Ebola Virus Disease (the JIKI Trial)[ ]Tim van Beelen2717 kB2016-03-02 15:36
Download this file (LeMarcis - Traiter les corps comme des fagots - Production sociale de l'indifference en contexte ebola guinee - Anthropologie Sante 1907-11.pdf)Traiter les corps comme des fagots.[ ]Tim van Beelen7792 kB2015-12-18 08:43
Download this file (Nguyen Favi PK Plos Neglect Trop Di 2017.pdf)Favipiravir pharmacokinetics in Ebola-infected patients of the JIKI trial[ ]Tim van Beelen1400 kB2017-05-16 09:04
Download this file (Poster_favipiravir_pk_uninfected_NHP.pdf)Favipiravir pharmacokinetics in non-human primates[ ]Tim van Beelen1281 kB2016-06-13 09:43
Download this file (Sissoko Lancet Global Health 2016.pdf)Persistence and clearance of Ebola virus RNA from seminal fluid of Ebola virus[ ]Tim van Beelen910 kB2017-05-16 08:58
Download this file (Sissoko Milk Clin Infect Dis 2016.pdf)Ebola virus persistence in breast milk after no reported illness[ ]Tim van Beelen739 kB2017-05-16 08:59
Download this file (WP 1 - Resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea Linked to a Survivor With Virus Persistence in Seminal Fluid for More Than 500 Days..pdf)Resurgence of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea Linked to a Survivor[ ]Tim van Beelen304 kB2016-12-19 09:08
Download this file (WP4 - Ebola_virus_dynamics_in_mice_treated_with_favipira.pdf)Ebola virus dynamics in mice treated with favipiravir[ ]Tim van Beelen1422 kB2016-12-19 09:13